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Business Android APP

EnReach, the Android App developed by Instalutions Technologies is a user friendly app which also aims to be eco friendly. This App is a smart way to exchange or share your company's details just like a visiting card but definitely with more information.
One can directly reach your website with a click on this App,can access your visiting card details in the form of a QR Code and you can share your details with online communities like Linked in and Facebook. You can also do your bit in saving the environment by having a paper free existence at the click of your smartphone.
So, what are you waiting for, act smart & keep one step ahead of the times by using EnReach.

I am Saving Paper, Are You?

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Our Other Apps

This app is the chanting
of Shri Sadguru Gagangiri Maharaj.

This app will offer Restaurants Menu Order System.

In this app we can find our friends in 100mtr radius.

This app is only for those who are using My Club Software.

Features :

  • Chants selection
  • Picture selection
  • Alarm
  • Face book Link

Features :

  • Menu Selection
  • Food Pictures
  • Preparations
  • Videos
  • Order Data
  • Bill

Features :

  • Friends Location
  • Messaging
  • Send Location
  • Buzzer

Features :

  • Club Members list
  • Messaging
  • Fees Details
  • Notice
  • Projects
 It is a user friendly app which also aims to be eco friendly. This App is a smart way to share details and all promotional information about any candidate just like an interactive e-magazine but definitely with more information.

Features :

  • Full online control on your information and links displayed in " Netaji " App.
  • Can be downloaded to any Android, Windows smart phone without further customisation or cost.
  • Can maintain all your data and links online with the help of your login.
  • Costomised background.
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